Last updated: 19.04.2021

Our common privacy statement for all personal data gathered on behalf of our customer/customer Venue and its parent account/company using Foodback (hereinafter referred to as The Venue).

Foodback is a specialized feedback solution, tailored for food & beverage. We store and process data on behalf of The Venue you visited, and are referred to as The Processor. The Venues own and are responsible for their data, and are referred to as The Controller. This relationship is governed by a separate Data Processing Agreement between Foodback and each Venue.

This article summarizes what data we gather, how we protect, store, and eventually delete it. It also describes which rights you as an end user have. Foodback is fully GDPR compliant.

✔️ Brief Summary

  • Foodback gather and store information on behalf of our customers

  • We only store information with your explicit consent

  • Your data is safely stored and secured.

  • Your data is deleted as soon as its purpose is served.

📄 What information do we collect, and why?

Foodback collects personal data in three situations:





Venues with Foodback Check-in enabled will ask for your phone number.

To be able to perform Track & Trace procedures in case of a reported Covid-19 outbreak, in co-operation with local authorities.

Permission to contact you

Our customers can configure Foodback to ask for email address and phone number

To be able to ask follow-up questions related to the experience.

Foodback Happy Wheel

For winners of the Happy Wheel, we require email address

To send the prize/voucher.

Statistics and fraud prevention

Your IP address

To provide statistical analysis, fraud prevention and improve our products.

🤝 Who do we share your information with?


Who is the information shared with?


Shared with local government officials only in the case of a reported outbreak.

Permission to contact you

Only with The Venue you visited or ordered from.

Foodback Happy Wheel

Only with The Venue you visited or ordered

Statistics and fraud prevention

Not shared with anybody, only used for technical purposes.

📆 How long do we keep hold of your information?

In general, we only store the information for only as long as required to fulfil the purpose of which we collected it.


How long do we store your data?


We store the information for as long as required by law in your Country, but a maximum of 28 days.

Permission to contact you

We store your data only to contact you about the feedback and will automatically delete the data when it is no longer is required.

Foodback Happy Wheel

We store your data only as long as the prize voucher we have sent you is valid. Your data will be deleted as soon as the voucher is used or it has expired.

Statistics and fraud prevention

Maximum of 14 months.

🔒 How do we store your information?

All your data is securely stored within the European Union (EU), using Amazon Web Services. We follow a strict regime to regularly perform audits and test our infrastructure to keep all data secure and inaccessible for unauthorized people.

🛡️ Which rights do I have?

You have the right to...

  1. Be informed - when providing the personal data

  2. Access your data - at any time

  3. Rectification – in case of inaccurate data

  4. Deletion - have your personal data deleted

  5. Restrict processing - further limit what the data can be used for

  6. Data portability - obtain and reuse data for your own purposes

  7. Object - to the processing of your personal data

💬 Who can I contact / complain to?

If you feel that we do not treat your personal information in accordance with the rules, we welcome you to contact us on If we cannot meet your requirements, you can contact your local Data Protection Authority

A complete list for countries part of the EU/EEU can be found here:

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