Last updated: 19.04.2021

This statement covers how Foodback handles privacy data for users of Foodback Business Intelligence, our analytics tool.

Foodback is a specialized feedback solution, tailored for food & beverage. We store and process data on behalf of the account/venue you represent and are referred to as The Processor. The venues own and are responsible for their data and are referred to as The Controller. This relationship is governed by a separate Data Processing Agreement between Foodback and each account/venue.

This article summarizes what data we gather, how we protect, store, and eventually delete it. It also describes which rights you as an end user have. Foodback is fully GDPR compliant.

✔️ Brief Summary

  • We only store the personal data we need to deliver our services to you

  • Your data is safely stored and secured.

  • You own your own data and can at any time ask to have it deleted.

📄 What information do we store, and why?

Foodback stores the following information about you:




Used to identify you as a user and offer personalized communication.


Used as user name, to log in, reset password, receive reports, export data and receive important updates from Foodback.


Optional. Alternative way to be contacted and receive customer support.

Profile picture

Optional. Used to identify you as a user and offer personalized communication.

IP address

To provide statistical analysis, fraud prevention and improve our products.

🤝 Who do we share your information with?

Your data (except IP address) is available for the admin users of the account(s)/venue(s) to administer access to Foodback.

In addition to admin users, we only share your information with technical sub-processors needed to deliver the service to you. Your data will never be used for any other purpose. A complete list of sub-processors can be found in our Data Processing Agreement.

📆 How long do we keep hold of your information?

Your data is stored for as long as you have a user connected to an active account or venue. You can at any time request to have your data disconnected from an account/venue, or deleted entirely from Foodback.

🔒 How do we store your information?

All your data is securely stored within the European Union (EU), using Amazon Web Services. We follow a strict regime to regularly perform audits and test our infrastructure to keep all data secure and inaccessible for unauthorized people.

🛡️ Which rights do I have?

You have the right to...

  1. Be informed - when providing the personal data

  2. Access your data - at any time

  3. Rectification – in case of inaccurate data

  4. Deletion - have your personal data deleted

  5. Restrict processing - further limit what the data can be used for

  6. Data portability - obtain and reuse data for your own purposes

  7. Object - to the processing of your personal data

💬 Who can I contact / complain to?

If you feel that we do not treat your personal information in accordance with the rules, we welcome you to contact us on If we cannot meet your requirements, you can contact your local Data Protection Authority.

A complete list for countries part of the EU/EEU can be found here:

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